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Dacre Castle

This fourteenth century castle, situated in Cumberland, was once the meeting place of three ancient kings. Their meeting ended in a bloody war and to this day the three men are said to haunt the grounds of the castle.
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A more sinister haunting here dates back to the fifteenth century. A young heir to the castle, Sir Guy Dacre, fell in love with a young French girl, and in order to win over her love, he asked one of his friends to woo her for him. Unfortunately the girl and his friend fell in love and began a secret affair, which carried on even when Guy married her. Eventually the two lovers eloped, but it wasn't long before Guy found them and captured his wife. He took her back to Dacre and locked her in a dungeon, where she found her lover chained to the wall. Unfortunately, he was already dead, and as she went to kiss him his head rolled on to the floor.

Sir Guy kept her imprisoned until she finally went insane and rotted away with her lover. It is the ghosts of these two lovers that are said to haunt the castle.




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