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Herstmonceux Castle

This fifteenth century castle is situated in East Sussex and was built by Sir Roger de Fiennes.

herst.jpg (41365 bytes)It is home to a number of ghosts, including a nine foot tall drummer. The giant ghost has been seen marching along the battlements of the castle and is thought to either be a soldier who was killed at Agincourt or Lord Dacre. Dacre was thought to be a mad old man who hammered on his drum in order to keep lovers away from his young wife. She eventually became so
annoyed with him that she locked him in a tiny room and left him to die. Unfortunately for her, the sound of his drum could still be heard and kept her lovers away.

During the eighteenth century, a young girl is said to have starved to death in a remote part of the castle. Sounds of her sobbing can be heard in parts of the house and her ghost is said to have been seen wandering down the corridors.

The grounds of the castle are also haunted, this time by a lady in white. As legend would have it, she was lured into the castle by Sir Roger de Fienes, who promptly had his wicked way with her and then killed her. Her ghost has been seen walking around the grounds of the castle's moat in a very distressed state.




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