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Enfield Poltergeist Case


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We had 2 automatic cameras set up in the room, which were controlled by a button outside the room, so if we heard anything happening in the bedroom we could start the cameras going.   The cameras were set to flash at half second intervals and we got some very interesting episodes.
  Here we have an interesting episode where in the first shot the pillow is going towards the camera which is here in front.  We know this pillow was on the bed by the side of  Margaret.  In the next photo the pillow has doubled up and is going in the opposite direction.  In the third photo the pillow has again reversed direction and in the last photo the pillow is now on the floor.  So in fact the pillow is doing a zig-zag motion and we know that physically that is not possible.

mg-pi-1 mg-pi-2 mg-pi-4 mg-pi-3

For some time the mother and the children have been telling us that the bed clothes have been flying up the wall and that the curtains have been billowing into the room.  Well we had not seen this at all and we just had to take this at face value on what they told us.  But one night.....

...We got a sequence of photos on our automatic cameras which show this actually happening.  Here in the first photo we see the bed covers flying up the wall.  It was mid-December and the window was shut tight and with no drafts yet the curtain was billowing into the room.  The next photo shows the bed clothes have dropped down and the curtain is still moving because in the first photo the curtain is convexed and in the second it is concave.  Janet is still lying there and has not moved.  In the last photo the curtains have twisted around and the bed clothes have also twisted as to appear to meet each other.

mg-bc-1b mg-bc-1a mg-bc-1c

Well you have probably heard the stories of levitations in this case...

... here we believe we actually have a levitation of the girl (Janet) flying through the air in the first picture.  Have a look at Margaret in the second picture below lying on the bed, a very strange thing for young girls to be doing at 3:00 o'clock in the morning.  There's Janet flying through the air and Margaret is lying there with one foot up the wall and one hand up in the air ... You must admit a bit peculiar ... even if Janet has just jumped. 

mg-le-1 mg-le-3


But let's look at the next picture which show a similar thing happening but this time the mother is in the room.   Now when I questioned the mother on this, I said what was happening at that time ... Janet was lying in bed and I was talking to Janet ... I asked then what happened ... I don't know but Janet was suddenly flying through the air ... I said let's get this straight, you were talking to Janet, and what did she do? Get out from the covers, go to the top of the bed and jump? ... The mother said NO, I was talking to Janet and suddenly Janet was flying through the air ... I said, Are you sure? ... Absolutely positive ... So how did Janet get into that position if she lying down and talking to her mother? This just did not happen once, twice or three times but just kept happening and usually in the middle of the night.   The last picture is a close up of Janet in the air.
 mg-le-m1 mg-le-cu

Janet from time to time had very very bad trances ... very violent trances ...
... so bad that one time we even thought she would kill herself.  She used to rush over and smash her head on the wall.  It was a dreadful thing to see.  She used to swear and curse ... she was so strong that one time she picked up the social worker that was lying on the bed trying to calm her and through her straight off the bed.  This social worker was an ex-policeman and was not a very small woman I assure you ...  incredible.  Well one night when she was in a very bad state, we called a doctor who came and gave her a 10 milligram injection of Valium to quiet her down which was too much for a child and she went out like a light.   Then the rest of the children went to bed and we all went downstairs ... 40 minutes later there was a terrible crash and enormous explosion ... I thought the top of the house came down ... we rushed up the stairs into the bedroom ... No Janet ... She had disappeared from the bed ... then we looked around and we saw Janet on top of this chest of drawers ... there was a radio there and the chest of drawers and she was on top ... she had been thrown apparently 14 feet across the room and she was either in deep sleep or unconscious ... I examined her eyes ... That happened 3 times that night. 

mg-t-2 mg-t4
Here is Janet in one of the violent states and I'm restraining her ...  all pretty violent stuff.
And here are a few pictures taken with my camera ... I have plenty of these ... this first one is of the bathroom door with "I Am Fred" written on it.  Whether Fred did it or the children did it is anybody's guess.  The last one is an amateurish one of some of the furniture turning over.

mg-fred mg-furn



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