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Samlesbury Hall

This fifteenth century house in Preston, Lancashire, is built in the style of many great houses in the area, with a black and white timber exterior. It is reputedly haunted by a Samlesbury Hall'White Lady' who is thought to be the ghost of Lady Dorothy Southworth.

Lady Dorothy lived at the Hall during the seventeenth century. Her family were strong Roman Catholics but unfortunately Dorothy fell in love with a gentleman who happened to be a Protestant. Because of family conflict, the young lovers could only meet in secret, and eventually they decided they would elope. On the night of their escape, the young man made his way to the Hall, but before he could get to Dorothy, her brother crept up on the youth and killed him with his sword. Consequently, both families found out about the affair and Dorothy was sent to a convent abroad where she became insane and eventually died.

The ghost of Lady Dorothy can now be seen wandering around the house, and also near to the spot where her lover was buried. The sound of weeping has been heard by many visitors to the house, as well as the rustle of long skirts in the corridors and gallery.



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