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The following was a transcript of the video introduction all of the guest viewed prior to taking the tour of "The East Wing" of Zurich Mansion. The Video was shown to guest waiting in the Museum....

By Tour Director

Welcome, I'm glad you decided to join me here at Zurich Mansion tonight. I am the curator and director of the tour you are about to take.
Zurich Mansion
It is said that England is the most haunted country in the entire world. What English castle or stately manor would be complete without a headless horseman, a gray lady, phantom monk or a ghostly bride?

Tonight I ask you to join me in exploring some of these legends that surround the phantom figures that have become such an important part of English heritage. But I do have to warn you that you might not like what you find.

Mistress of the MansionA
round the room you are in right now, you will find some of the histories of haunted mansions from all around the world, including Zurich Mansion. The accounts and descriptions are very real and well documented and I urge you not to take them lightly. So please take the time to read through them as they will help prepare you for the journey you are about to take tonight.

Zurich Mansion was a manor originally built on the heathers of the English country side over a thousand years ago. But at the turn of the 17th century the manor was moved brick by brick to the shores of a small private lake here in the United States by King Henry (the 8th) VIII. The lake was then renamed Lake Zurich and you are now standing in a section of this once proud and stately manor.

ing Henry VIII moved Zurich Mansion in a hope that the spirits of his deceased wives and lovers would be left in England, and since the completion of the Mansion in the United States many of it's visiting guest have reported seeing strange and unexplainable things late at night.

Zurich Mansion / TomCat ProductionsTonight I'm inviting you to tour one of the sections of Zurich Mansion that has not been open to the public for over 150 years. This section was known as "the East Wing" and was reportedly the most haunted part of Zurich Mansion.

must forewarn you we have no control over the spirits within "the East Wing" and can not truly explain the things that might happen here in tonight. Remember, Things that seem alive may very well be dead, and things that appear dead may mysteriously be alive.

All the Events that you may see, hear and even experience in Zurich Mansion tonight, are very real, So please beware, as we wouldn't want you to become part of the mansion's legend.


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Do You believe in the Supernatural?  "Haunted Mansions of the World" is a collection of stories relating to many famous locations around the world - we hope you enjoy your visit.  The original Zurich Mansion is a collection of short stories which were created by Dr. Bruce Schmidt 'The Professor'.


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