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Raynham Hall

This photograph taken in 1934 depicting the 'Brown Lady' ascending the staircase has made Raynham Hall's ghost amongst the most famous in England. Taken by Captain Raynham HallProvand, a photographer for 'Country Life' magazine, the image has been examined by numerous experts who can find no evidence of forgery or double exposure.

The 'Brown Lady', so called because of the color of the flowing dress that she wears, is thought to be the ghost of Dorothy Walpole, sister to Robert Walpole, the English Prime Minister of 1722. There are various legends surrounding the woman, one version of which is that after having an affair, her angry husband held her prisoner at Raynham, not allowing her to see her children. Witnesses to the haunting describe the ghost's illuminated, gaunt face, with dark hollows instead of eyes. Often she appears to be calm and unthreatening, but occasionally her strange features bring fear to the onlooker.



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